Searching for new online audiences? Take a lesson from FS magazine

When FS magazine wanted grow its online presence the team joined forces with audience insights and ad analyst experts Quantcast – and scored their goal

FS has a strong 100,000 monthly print circulation and fills its pages with sport, fitness and lifestyle advice – not to mention regular celebrity cover stars such as Usain Bolt, Drake and Joe Wicks. It introduced digital in 2016 and wanted a partner to cut through industry jargon, help find new audiences and deliver results.

Haymarket’s own Campaign played matchmaker, joining the brains behind FS and Quantcast for a one-month campaign to make this happen. For FS, the two key focuses were sports and fitness, so Quantcast set to find an audience that would be interested in this content. Quantcast identified popular articles and associated search terms on the FS website. For sports they had two strategies, one focussing on significant superstars, the other on more niche sporting personalities. For fitness, the Quantcast team developed two more strategies: general fitness (looking at search terms such as ‘burn calories’ or ‘personal trainers’); exercise specific search terms (‘running tips’).  

Quantcast used these search terms to build custom personas for each of the four areas – using Quantcast's live audience data. They created personas for the ‘exercise specific’, ‘general fitness’, ‘sports superstars’ and ‘sports celebrities’ categories and used these as a baseline to model and serve ads for FS’s site to new consumers exhibiting similar online behaviours (FS had developed fresh creative for the purpose). FSmag

Two key campaign optimisations were made mid-way through the campaign. Some of the keywords that were not performing well were switched with new ones and FS supplied new creative that aligned with the target audience. 

FS Publisher Rachel Middlewick says: “After working with Quantcast, our traffic was 7% up. In addition, we’re able to work up a more effective and optimised adwords campaign now – targeting people who will be interested in specific areas of our site – and it allows us to invest better, get more ROI and look for better marketing investment.”

The one-month campaign also provided insights about the actual content. Ellie Lane, senior account manager at Quantcast explains: “Occasionally you come across some unexpected audience insights – FS have been able to act on that and make content that speaks to their target subject areas.”

James Charlton, editor, FS is thrilled: “It was really successful – we got an increase in traffic and impressions, which was fantastic. But Quantcast was able to give us a creative analysis. They looked at the words we used and played around with others to see what was getting the most engagement.”

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