Bringing the tale of Abarth to life

A series of 13 behind-the-scenes stories is helping the Italian performance car manufacturer to explain what makes its cars so unique

Italian performance car manufacturer Abarth is using content created by Haymarket Network as the lynchpin of its brand storytelling on its UK website.

The series of 13 stories were created by Haymarket Network, following an exclusive behind-the-scenes trip to Abarth’s dedicated factory in Fiat’s Mirafiori industrial complex in Turin.

They tell the tale of how founder Carlo Abarth started selling exhaust kits in the 1960s that transformed standard Fiats into raucous race cars for the road, and how Abarth still maintains an office in Carlo’s memory.

The stories include interviews with the modern geniuses of Abarth – engineer Maurizio Consalvo, designer Ruben Wainberg and test driver Roberto Zampieri – and explain how they’re transforming Carlo’s original vision in a uniquely modern way. They also explain the technology under the skin of Abarth's current cars that gives them real performance and distinctive character.