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Together magazine empowered Utility Warehouse’s ‘Purple Army’ with motivation, ideas and advice to help them build successful businesses of their own

Together Magazine

Starting up your own network marketing business can be a lonely life. And for Utility Warehouse’s network of Partners – who earn commission from offering the company’s latest deals on gas, electricity, phone and broadband to their own contacts – it’s vital that they know they’re part of something bigger.

Most of the company’s ‘Purple Army’ (the logo is a purple piggybank) are working to provide a second income, and will have at least one other job – which can range from builder or secretary to teacher or policeman. But what everyone in this diverse audience has in common is the need for a sense of community, constant motivation and practical advice and tips.   

That’s why in 2015 we were tasked to create Together magazine – a relentlessly upbeat publication that featured real-life case studies, famous ‘failures’ (James Dyson, Elvis, Madonna), and all the help Partners needed to keep striving towards the next ‘Yes’.   

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