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Kia Motors (UK)

Whether it’s keeping dealers informed, or connecting with fleet managers, we’re helping Kia to challenge the status quo

Kia Business fleet magazine

The fleet market is crucial to Kia’s rapid ongoing rise in the UK, forming 51% of its sales – almost 45,600 cars – in 2016. Kia Business is changing how fleet buyers and drivers perceive the Kia brand. Alongside profiles of the latest Kia models that explain the features and technology that make them as fun-to-drive as they are cost-efficient to run, we’re explaining how Kia develops and builds cars with the safety, reliability and dependability that fleet buyers demand. We’re also bringing to life the expertise of Kia’s UK fleet sales team with tips, advice and team profiles that ensure Kia’s friendly personal fleet service stands out from their rivals, just as much as their cars.

Quarterly campaign guides

Keeping a large, diverse national dealer network informed and up-to-date with the latest brand and product news, customer offers, and financial information is a challenge that every car manufacturer faces. Since 2014, we’ve been working with Kia to create compelling quarterly marketing guides – a quick-reference ‘bible’ of essential business data that helps Kia’s customer-facing dealer teams to sell cars more effectively. It’s all about bringing stats and numbers to life, by applying the same editorial know-how we’ve used to grow data-led brands – such as WhatCar? And What Hi-Fi? – into market leaders.

Annual aftersales guide

Long-term customer retention is one of the key challenges facing every manufacturer in the car industry, making Kia’s annual aftersales guide a crucial part of the brand’s conversation with its dealers. Working with Kia, we’ve brought its annual aftersales guide to life, with content and photography that make it easier for dealers to understand how to create and maintain great, long-lasting relationships with customers. Working in partnership with the quarterly guides, it’s a dealer’s essential quick reference guide to delivering everyday aftersales success.

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