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Bringing to life the IB's values by sharing best practice among its audience of examiners, teachers, students and parents around the world

IB World

For the past eight years we’ve worked with the IB to deliver cutting-edge content that helps position it as a global leader in international education.

As well as communicating the latest news to a mixed audience of teachers, students, IB coordinators, examiners and stakeholders, IB World also delivers engaging articles that deepen their knowledge, as well as communicating best practice.

The magazine’s success has led to us creating a Spanish edition, to better service the worldwide audience. A recent survey shows readers are very happy with the magazine and they are crying out for more content.

IB world Twitter handle @IBWorldmag

We have grown this from nothing to over 7,500 followers to a truly engaged community, achieving as many as 14,416 page impressions from 10 tweets on one day in June

Online stories

We provide four thought leadership articles a month to help satisfy the hunger of the magazine readers between printed issues. These have achieved over 1,500 page impressions and an average of 4.69 retweets over the last few months.

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