The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)

Delivering the official site for athletics’ international founding body and inspiring a new generation of fans

IAAF website and app

Creating the official site and official app for a global sport’s international governing body means presenting a huge variety information in a way that’s simple to navigate.

The site also has to be lightning quick to load and refresh (faster even than Usain Bolt) if it’s going to be the most trusted, most comprehensive source of results for journalists desperate to file stories, or some of sports’ most expert fans.

Now for the first time fans can search the IAAF’s vast stats and results database, which includes a profile of every athlete who has participated in an IAAF event. That’s around 100,000 profiles – three times the population of the IAAF’s home city state of Monaco.

One single session at the World Championships in Bejing (for which we also created a Chinese app) yielded record results:

  • Sessions: 2,097,039
  • Users: 1,086,655
  • Page views: 11,313,124
  • Avg session duration: 00:10:21

SPIKES social channels

SPIKES started out as a magazine created to tackle one of the IAAF's big challenges: How do you get young people interested in athletics? (By tradition, a rather dry, sterile environment where your amateur statistician can truly dine out.)

Now this irrepressible sub-brand thrives chiefly on the web and through a wide range of digital and social platforms – from Twitter and Facebook to Tumblr and Instagram – bringing the sport to life by making heroes of its stars.

The irresistible magic ingredient is its unique, edgy tone: Which James Bond would win a 100m sprint? Why does Jamaican sprinter Johan Blake eat 16 bananas a day? It’s now earned a tab on the IAAF’s official website giving even greater reach.

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