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The Locker magazine

The Army is no ordinary employer. The opportunities its careers offer are unlike any that can be found in other professions. For that reason, The Locker has to be a lifestyle magazine like no other: one that can present the skills and experiences to be gained for life, as well as a career.

We achieve that by showing the unique benefits that a career in the British Army offers in a style and language that speaks to The Locker’s audience – prospective recruits and those who influence their decisions..

To get this balance right, the magazine is structured around three key areas that underpin The Army’s ethos:

  • Live your life – highlighting the opportunities for adventure that are on everyone’s doorstep
  • Belonging – stories that show the positives of group experiences and fitting in
  • Skills – offering practical ‘How to’ advice as well as showing the vocational benefits of an Army career

With these core pillars, The Locker may feature stories as varied as developing skills through gaming to getting into shape with workouts designed for the forces. Above all else, the title highlights a lifestyle that readers want to be a part of, and shows how anyone can
achieve it.

“The brief for Haymarket was to build a lifestyle communication that broadens the reach and understanding of what being a soldier or an officer in Army is and challenge preconceptions,” said Sarah Morrison, from Defence Recruiting Services at Capita.

“The Locker has been really well received by our target audience and our internal audiences who use it as a tool to support candidate conversations. We’re excited to see how we can grow the channel and continue to support the recruiting activity.”

A reader survey also confirmed the impact made by The Locker as 52% of readers said they had “learned a lot about Army life and careers” while 75% went online to find out more about Army careers.

The Locker also exists digitally with a dedicated website that’s regularly updated with content from the magazine, and an exciting, new digital presence on Facebook is coming this autumn.

256 Reasons to join the Army

256 Reasons to Join the Army is designed to capture the imagination of teenagers in Further and Higher Education, showcasing the breadth of career opportunities in the Army. We organised an exclusive three-day photo shoot featuring individuals and teams from various regiments and divisions.

Our military models ranged from an entire Phase 1 platoon (30+ trainee soldiers) to a Light Gun, a Bomb Disposal Operator and even a regimental ram. Our aim was to present their stories in a heroic way, and photographing them all on a white background in the studio helped us to really focus on the soldiers, while making them seem accessible and their skills attainable.

  • Research shows that 74% of readers find the Army more appealing as a result of reading Army magazine


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